Building Process

Phase 1: The Design Process
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1. "What does your dream house look like?"

The first step in designing your dream home is meeting with the Bayless Custom Homes team and discussing your vision and getting to know your needs. Lifestyle and design preferences, family size current and future, budget, etc. During this phase we get all of the mundane details about your future home plotted out such as approximate square footage; one story or two; number of bedrooms and bathrooms; entertainment room preferences; garage size; outdoor amenities such as pools, kitchens, or decks; guest homes; master bedroom suites, etc. Once we have those particulars out of the way we get to move on to the aesthetic and how your home will be an extension of your personality and dreams. Do you have a binder with magazine cut outs, photos, website addresses, or general design ideas that you love? Bring it! Our goal at Bayless is to turn your dreams into reality and do it within your budget. At this point in the process we will help you to understand what can be accomplished and to explore options with you.

2. Land / Lot Discussion

Custom Built Homes rely heavily on the land they are being built upon guiding the direction of their design. There must be site surveys done to see if the land is suitable without changing its current condition. Mature trees and topographical data are important to note. Zoning laws, neighborhood restrictions, building code etc. must be researched to insure the projects feasibility. This phase may include a site visit so the design team can take measurements and get acquainted with the land so that the process can move forward. Once all of these factors are squared away, the design team, with your initial concept information, can begin a preliminary sketch of your home with all of the real world information included so that you can see our solution to all of the elements combined.

3. Initial Actual Design Discussion

We have all the information so this is where we sketch out a preliminary design to show you our proposed solutions to your ideas. At this point we have carefully considered your budget and desires and drawn out our initial design for you to see.

4. Initial Floor Plan Sketches

We begin with Auto CADD sketches of your home’s floor plan components. These sketches will show all of your desired elements of the home including number of bedrooms, outdoor living areas, etc.

5. Floor Plan Evaluation

We will sit down with you and go over the sketches designed in Step 4. With your feedback we will make the necessary revisions.

6. Revised Floor Plans

Once we have altered the initial floor plans with the revisions we discussed during step 5 a revised floor plan will be drawn up. If no further changes need to be made, we will move on to the next step.

7. Initial Elevation Sketches

We will now begin the sketches of you front elevations, or façade. These will be made and integrated into the revised floor plans to make certain everything works together for your vision. With your feedback we will then make revisions.

8. Revised Elevation Sketches

With the revisions from step 7 we will further refine the front elevation and floor plans as necessary.

9. Projected Cost Evaluation

By now we have multiple versions of floor plans and elevation created in Auto CADD and, with all of your feedback, we are getting close to finalizing your plans. With this amount of information, we can give an educated estimate on what the project will actually cost.

10. Detailed Specifications

Now we create project specs with all of the details. This is the time you get to choose windows, countertops, fixtures, flooring etc. and we will include material allowances for these items. We will make a list together and let you make whatever changes necessary.

11. Blueprints and Updates

With all of the building plans near finalization we will create blueprints for you. These blueprints will be hyper-detailed including furniture locations and home accessories proposed by you and initial interior design notes.

12. Revised Cost Evaluation

We are almost finished with the design by now and we will be able to give you a more accurate cost projection. You are so close to beginning the building of your dream home by now!

13. Finalization

We are almost finished with the design by now and we will be able to give you a more accurate cost projection. You are so close to beginning the building of your dream home by now!

Phase 2: Construction

1. Contract Signing, Down Payment and Document Submission

Everything in finalized! You love the plans for your new home so, at this point, you will sign a copy of the builder contract, specs and the blueprints of your home. Once everything is signed all of the plans will be submitted to HOA, local government agencies and the bank for approval. Now we receive the down payment and prepare for construction.

2. Closing on the Interim Loan

You close at the bank and we receive all of the approvals sent out in step 1.

3. Construction Begins

After all of the planning and strategizing the time has come. Construction!

4. Selection of Materials

We have begun construction so now you, with your interior designer in tow, physically select all paint colors, marble, stone, etc.

5. Process Stage Discussions and Code Compliance

We will meet with you at the following stages so that you can see the progress first hand and make suggestions. The stages are foundation, framing, drywall, trim and fixtures. As these phases are completed your home will be inspected for proper compliance with all codes.

6. Final Walk Through

Construction is complete! Now we walk you through your completed dream home and survey everything while making a list of touch-ups so that the final project satisfies you completely.

7. Permanent Mortgage Loan Closing and Move-In!

Now, the interim construction loan is paid off and you will sign your permanent mortgage loan. We are paid the final draw and you will assume mortgage payments while you begin to move-in to your dream home.

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Phase 3: Service After Move In
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1. Move-In

As you move in, in the incredibly unlikely event of an emergency, any construction issues will be fixed immediately by us.

2. 30 Days

During your initial 30 days of living in your new home you will create a new touch-up list if things are needed. At the end of the 30 days we will fix any issues.

3. 11 month Follow Up

11 months later and your new home has weathered the rigors of all four seasons. Settling will have begun so, at this point, we will send out a contractor for drywall touchups including paint and repair. You will have access to the contractor for two full work days for whatever painting and drywall needs you have.

4. 1 Year Craftsmanship Warranty

After construction completion you will have a full scale 1 year warranty on all builder installed appliances and fixtures. These will be covered for performance and workmanship.

5. 2 Year Systems Warranty

All major systems; electrical, HVAC, plumbing, etc. will be covered for two years for proper delivery of service.