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Bayless Custom Homes has been recognized for excellence in home building, and has received numerous awards including Awards, BScene Magazine Awards, and many prestigious Parade of Homes Awards. Here are some highlights:

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The All American-Made Home


Two Tyler builders believe they have the blueprints to create more jobs not just here in East Texas, but across America.

Two Tyler builders believe they have the blueprints to create more jobs not just here in East Texas, but across America.

They are building their first all American made home in a Bullard neighborhood. They say there is a price to be paid to building American.

“Everything from the ground up to the shingles is going to be manufactured and assembled in America,” said Gary Bayless with Bayless Custom Homes.

In the hands of builders Gary Bayless and Joe Runnels are the blueprints to what will be their first all American built home. They say they’re also holding the formula for growth, opportunity.

“We need to create jobs and the way to create jobs is to buy made in America built homes,” said Joe Runnels with Bayless Custom Homes.

It costs about three to seven percent more to build an American made home. The challenge Bayless and Runnels is running into is tracking down the items in a timely manner.

“Because some of this stuff is made when you order it through American companies instead of shelf ready,” said Runnels.

But they say doing this will create more jobs, reviving America.

“I’m hoping this will spur activity and challenge other builders to do the same,” said Bayless.

“A lot of the feedback we’re getting from these people you know is if you guys will get other people to do this, we can put on second shifts, we can do a lot of stuff. So, we’re already seeing the excitement in vendors wanting to sell stuff,” said Runnels.

Sounds of construction, progress these builders hope will resonate across America.

The builders say the home should be completed by the end of May. They say they’re going to put the American flag in the front yard after the home is finished.



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Tyler Parade Home Showcases American Quality, Beauty Custom Home Builder Home Design Tyler parade home showcases American quality, beauty

From the crown molding to the tile floors, pretty much everything in this house was made in America. In fact, several items came from right here in East Texas.

Gary Bayless and Joe Runnels are owners of Bayless Customs Homes, Inc. Together, they have designed and built a house that will be featured in the parade of homes.

“Cabinets, all made in Canton, Texas. All those closure and everything on the cabinets are American made. Uh, the appliances are American made. The hardware that goes on them is American made on the cabinets,” Runnels said.

“We made it real clear on our goal that we wanted stuff that was not only assembled in America, but all the pieces were manufactured and assembled in America,” Bayless said.

“This house turned out better than what we thought. When we went in we were a little worried because we thought we were going to be limited on some of the products that we could use, but it turned out a lot better than what we expected on it,” Runnels said.

“It may not as cheap but the quality is ten times better,” Bayless explained.

“If you feel the quality of the American made nails like Maze Nails makes, and then you use some of the Chinese made nails, they’re not the same,” Runnels said.

After some research, Runnels discovered that Maze Nails is the only company left in America that makes nails…all other companies have moved over seas.

“We’re just really proud that we can be contributing to the economy and help create jobs. I think that’s the most important thing that we are doing here, leading other people for…to job creation,” Bayless said.

This home is 98% American made. The owners said they searched high and low for residential ceiling fans that were made in America and could not find a single company.

Bayless and Russels said this is just the first of many American homes.

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